Sunday, December 12, 2010

Around Asia in 30 days!!

Certainly feels that way!!

We'll be spending Christmas in Hongkong and Macau (1 week before Christmas) and then D has a training in Bangkok on Jan 2nd and then we'll be going to Korea on Jan 31st for 8 days.

Think we might just skip Bangkok, think we should save the moolah! The only reasons why i wanna go to BKK is to:

1) Pray
2) Sun!
3) Eat my fish maw
4) Swim

hmmmm... 4 reasons, good enough reasons to go?? :)

But i still think we should save the money for extra spending money in Korea!! And tickets to BKK are ridiculously expensive!! $350usd for one!! And we're not going for the entire training of 2 weeks, we're going for 5 days as somebody has to watch the cats...

And we also have a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in May, May 13th to be exact, these tickets were bought in July 2010, have never in my life managed to get any cheap tickets thus i HAD to buy these!! :) We only paid $200+USD for 3 tickets from TW to KL!! :) (pat on the back)

I've never been to KL, am pretty excited to see KL for the first time, Petrona Towers and all, will goggle wat's there to do in KL.

And we'll be spending the Summer in DC, D has training before he leaves for Syria, ideally, we'd want to be there for 2 months, but what about the cats??


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